About me

" Helping empathetic friends of nature fill their homes with colourful, uplifting stories of magic, wonder and happiness "

My name is Melina Dahl.
I am a mixed media artist working from my home in Gävle, Sweden.

I find my inspiration in nature and add a touch of magic and whimsy to my artwork because it brings me joy and makes it mine.

I often work with a mix of mediums and illustrated elements on my artwork. Some of these drawings and patterns are available as art stamps and stencils/masks in my online store. 

I sell and ship my artwork worldwide, but you can also visit me and buy my art and products in my studio at home.


Everything I do is inspired by my deep love of nature and empathy for all beings.


I believe we all desire to be happy and want to feel uplifted and connected to our world.


I create colourful, playful mixed media art to remind you how magical and precious our lives truly are.

Would you like to bring the joy of my creations into your life?