Hello and Happy Friday-Yay!


How has your week been?
I want to start by thanking you so much for all the lovely and kind comments about my new website 🙂
I´m so proud of it and how much ”me” it is! My husband really did a wonderful job creating it.
I continue to plan for my new future. It´s so exciting and kind of scary too…
I would just love to sell my first original painting to start believing it´s possible. Maybe you´ll be the first one to buy an original Melina Dahl?
You can find some of my paintings for sale under the ”Art for sale” tab. You´ll find a lot more on my Facebook and Instagram while we continue to add items to the website.

A challenge!


I want to share something new that´s coming!
I have been challenged to start a Live-series on my personal profile on Facebook. I couldn´t turn down a challenge like that, could I? Lol!

”Me, truthfully”
Join me live every Friday 1 pm CET on my personal Facebook profile, from my studio, garden or wherever I am at that time.
Where do I live? How is gardening in Sweden like? What animals do I have? Why do I make art?
What education do I have? Do you want to learn how to say the word nurse in Swedish?
Ask me anything and I’ll answer it truthfully in the live the week after!
See you on Friday, live on my personal profile on Facebook 😀

Friday Fun video


As always I have my Friday Fun video up on my Youtube channel. You´ll find it here below.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Love, Melina

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