Hello and Happy Friday!


How has your week been? Good I hope!
We are back from our vacation. We had a wonderful week that sadly ended with an injured daughter.
She dislocated her hip in the ski slope. After some horrible hours, they managed to re-locate the hip again and she´s
doing better and better.

But, now some great news!

Online course available


I´m happy to announce that my first online course is available for pre-sale and enroll sometime later today!
You´ll find it under the courses tab on my website HERE .

melina dahl design online course

In this course we will cover some basic steps of mixed media art journaling –
How to work with stencils, how to add extra visible texture by stamping, making marks and doodling, how to create a focal point,
how to experiment to get to know your mediums, how to work in layers, how to easily bind a journal and finally create a finished page together with me from start to finish.

What I want you to learn in this course is to feel free to play and to know that there is no right or wrong, good or bad.
With a few techniques and a little more knowledge under your belt, I´d like for you to start listening to YOU.
Your feelings put down on a page in a written journal could never be wrong, right? They are your feelings.
It´s exactly the same thing with art journaling, except you just substitute all or most of the words with paint, ink, texture and creative fun.

I hope you´ll enjoy the course and learn something new.


Live today!


“Me, truthfully”
Join me live every Friday 1 pm CET on my personal Facebook profile, from my studio, garden or wherever I am at that time.

See you today, live on my personal profile on Facebook 😀


Creative live!


This Sunday, 18th of April, at 8pm CET (20.00) I´ll go live in my Facebook group and create something together with you.
If you don´t want to miss my free, creative lessons, join my Facebook group Melina´s Creative Corner.



Friday video


As always I have my Friday Fun video up on my Youtube channel. You´ll find it here below.
For my Swedish readers I want to point out that the Swedish versions of some videos goes live on Saturdays.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Love, Melina


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