Hello and Happy Friday!


How has your week been? Good I hope!

Last week we had no internet connection sadly, so I was not able to make a news post last week.
Now everything is sorted and we are back on track!

The winter has returned here after a week of melting snow, sun and spring feelings.
The spring feelings really inspired me to make new nature inspired paintings.

Art exhibitions


I´m excited to announce that I have two exhibitions planned for this year already!
The first one is on GalleriK in Gävle (Sweden) March 27 – April 11.
The second one is on Juste Gallery in Stockholm (Sweden) August 6-8.

New paintings



If you want to make these painting yours, just click HERE.


Live today!


“Me, truthfully”
Join me live every Friday 1 pm CET on my personal Facebook profile, from my studio, garden or wherever I am at that time.

See you today, live on my personal profile on Facebook 😀

Creative live!


This Sunday, March 14, 8pm CET, I´ll go live in my Facebook group Melina´s Creative Corner.
I will be creating something and you can create with me, or just watch and chat. If there´s anything specific you want me to explain or teach,
please leave a comment with your question under the post in the group and I´ll do my best to explain or show you during the live 🙂
Hope you can join me!

Friday video


As always I have my Friday Fun video up on my Youtube channel. You´ll find it here below.
For my Swedish readers I want to point out that the Swedish versions of some videos goes live on Saturdays.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Love, Melina

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