Welcome to my website!


My website is up and I could not be happier and more excited!
I want to start to say a huge thank you to my husband Magnus for creating this amazing website for me.
Thank you, I love you!

This is the day that I have been dreaming of for years – to tell you that I am now officially a business owner.
The road has not been easy and straight, but that makes me feel even more grateful for the things I do have and for all the wonderful people in my life supporting me and my dream.
Thank YOU for being here!


2020 – Reached a crossroads

My feeling that I need a change in my life has grown stronger and stronger during 2020.
For several years I have waited for exhaustion to pass and for the pain to go away.
When that was not the case, I put my hopes in doctors and medicines. After all the failed treatments for my rheumatism,
I could only state that the body would continue to be as it was.
Exhaustion had shrunk my life slowly but surely, and I had removed piece by piece of my life that I didn´t have the energy for any longer.
So, I understand that it’s up to me!
This is my reality, and what I can try to change is the way I think about my life, myself and my future.
I need to think that my future is going to be great!

That I can do the thing I really love, to be creative and make art, and make a living from doing so.


My plan for the business is to sell my original art
and share my passion for making it through courses/workshops.
I will have an online shop where I will sell my designed mixed media products.
That´s my plan, that´s my dream…
Please look around on my website and see what you think. Please let me know if you see something not working as it should.
I´d much appreciate that!
If you want to join me on this journey, please sign up for my newsletter. My plan is to send it out once a month.
Again, this is a happy day for me. Thank you for being here sharing it with me!
Much love,

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